Internet Access | Data Services

Our family of data services includes Broadband (with FTTC and Converged Voice and Data), Ethernet and Converged Private Networks (CPN), provided across our UK-wide network. These services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from single site to multi-site locations and are designed to support the continual demands for faster data access.

With more and more applications moving from customer premises and into the cloud, it’s essential for you to be able to connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds. Our data services provide this essential connectivity platform on which you can run your business communications and converge both your voice and internet connections onto a single network, delivering cost savings and assured service quality. With a diverse data services portfolio including Broadband, Ethernet and MPLS enabled Converged Private Networks, we have the right service for supporting voice and business-critical applications across any number of sites.

  • High performance connections
  • Unrivalled network quality and reliability
  • Enabler for cloud services
  • Cost savings through convergence
  • National network
  • Single supplier

Are you ready to move up from regular broadband to Ethernet connectivity?

As more services move to the cloud, it may be time to consider a move to Ethernet for improved speed and reliability.